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По крайней мере, я об этом нигде не читала. :ne_vi_del:

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CrazyFan писал(а):По крайней мере, я об этом нигде не читала. :ne_vi_del:

На самом деле это странно. Столько лет проработать в группе, с этими людьми, и вдруг так все кончилось, теперь они даже не общаются :ne_vi_del: Жалко и обидно :se_ne:

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Ну, если б кончилось всё на оптимистичной ноте, может быть и общались бы. Но видимо расстались не очень-то по хорошему.

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September 29, 2011
The Summer Wind…

There’s a warm feeling of optimism that glows from within as we approach each summer… The winter weather breaks & the nights get warmer as we head towards the long holiday, full of hippie love & dinning alfresco, whilst savouring moonlight barbecue’s, with cold, cold beers, & fresh local produce, it’s civilisation, the best in spirit we have – everybody looks forward to a great summer.

So – We congregate in tribes at festivals, clubs, resorts, islands, airports… Summer is our rituals season. Whereas the winter & fall are defined by more institutional celebrations, summer is a celebration “for the people”…

For the most-part I don’t go to clubs or the places to “be seen” these days, mustn’t grumble because Ive certainly had more than my fair share, now more often than not I gradually descend into a touch of the “Meldrew’s” … “A round of drinks for 8-persons, what €200 Euros, I don’t believe it”… But I understand that when you’re on vacation, nothing as trivial as a little money [which you probably don't have] is going to get in the way of having a marvellous time & for those who wish parade their vacation via the media, your attention seeking knows no bounds.

We live in times where the cost of a good night out is pitched & priced in such a obscene manner that you almost need an insurance policy, should it all get a little moody… A good night out is not something you can always guarantee, nor can you get a refund when some knob-head spills the overpriced drinks on your iphone – Red-Mist Descends. It’s all become to much hassle & when you don’t do drugs but are around those that do, you begin to see the person you used to be, now that’s bloody scary, so by about 1am I’m over & out…

To avoid the jaw grinding chatter – We decided to make our own little VIP-scene, something that felt special & was also lo-maintenance, with only a budget of €50 for 6 persons in TOTAL – So we made a wood fire & built an industrial size barbecue from cinder blocks, bought Argentinian grill style cuts of meat & Ibithenco sausages which came to about €20 for six of us…

We didn’t need lights, because we had the moonlight, which is stunning from the vista of our hill – Spotify is a perfect service to design a playlist for any occasion, why pay a DJ ever again… Stick to plastic plates & glasses,[no cleaning] recommended; 4 bottles of red, some beers then add Acoustic Guitars…

There’s no Tambourine Man here as we instinctively return to our ancient soul, this is the real thing as we indulge in the ritual of music, meat [the sacrifice], moonlight, dance, fire… And how good does it feel, not to have flashed the cash, as we are conquering the task of building the grill fire, getting it to just the right temperature & timing, then tending to the cooking of the meat… Better than any drug, brings all the senses to the surface, listening, touching, smelling, looking then tasting all 5-senses alive for just over a fiver a person. And you can even remember what you did ???

And such occasions are never short of male help, what is that with men & barbies as opposed to kitchens – To dangerous for the little lady ??? I never got that one, but I guess it’s the caveman in us all, although hitting the wife over the head with a bone before dragging her back to one’s cave for the conjugal’s may not go down so well !!! Or maybe it would !!!

Sleeping under the stars, the sound of strumming guitars. And the eternal choir of crickets… Every evening you are uncompromisingly serenaded by these little green insects.

You may have come across God’s Cricket Choir - youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFguHRdUlk8&feature=related

It’s claimed to be a recording of crickets – Slowed down to a frequency that the human ear can decode. I listened carefully & its not a recognisable synth sound, of course it could be a hoax because you can easily manipulate any sound away from its source, but the creators claim it’s genuine, which of course they would… I guess you want to believe its true, & as nature offers so many other incredible experiences then there’s every reason to…

As I sit here now the cricket choir has passed, they only live for about 4-weeks, in fact the silence has become deafeningly loud, dogs bark in the distance alongside the purring baritone of the odd jet engine landing, its the first evening I can’t hear the kick drum resonating thru’ the land from the beach parties. Man – how much is the silence worth? You pay a ton of money to be around the noise, but the sound of silence bears no tariff – if you can find it that is…

The night sky looks like 10,000 pin pricks of light, the Milky Way smoulders around the stars, the real sky without light pollution is a much more intense & imposing experience. If you ever wondered why the ancient civilisations placed some much faith in the skies it’s probably because they could see them clearly, & in a way we are not familiar with, well certainly not in the western world. My brother-in-law knows every constellation, planet exactly where the North Star is, stands there for bloody hours – because when you can see it you attention is assured.

There are many instincts that come to life when you have the space to hear yourself & where the light penetrates your being so intensely. Many photographers & artists seek the same environment, the seeds of inspiration [we all claim] is that “this is the best place to work” – It’s never been a lifestyle thing for me, [believe that if you will] and its not all tapas & cava – But Ive always found the uniqueness of an environment flows through into your work, being somewhere new with alternative social norms adds to the nuance & freshness of creativity.

The Bowie at Hansa Berlin recordings are truly the pinnacle of an artist’s narrative of the environment surrounding him/her. Many regard “Heroes” as his seminal piece of work… The Power-station was as New York as we could get it, if we had tried to collaborate elsewhere then it wouldn’t have even been called The Power-station… That was 1980′s Manhattan energy, end off… [with a little help from our friends]… Neither particularly “summerish” in concept but both heaviliy influenced by the immidiate enviroment & culture.

The Southern Mediterranean Coast & the Islands in & around have inspired man for 1000′s of years, it’s not just Ibiza – If you go to Capri, then you will absolutely see why it was entirely possible to run an empire from there, complete with water nymphs in the caves below. youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIjrLHkZTk8&feature=related

We did a lot of the 2nd Power-station album in a sun-drenched Capri, a far cry from NYC but equally as powerful… Sadly the album didn’t do so well but for a while it definitely felt good, sometimes you have to give yourself a pass on the commercial element & just live for the music…

Here in Southern Europe the summer will pass and in doing so the change in energy is seismic… But so long as we have had a few weeks to worship the most ancient of Gods, it can all wait again till next year, well maybe not for all of us, & err… if given the choice & of course time to consider the “immensely important creative significance” of the environment – Well let’s just say that if it were a toss up between Southern Europe or North Russian Tundra, however quiet or beautiful it was up north’ – I guess 99/100 would plumb for the beach every time…

In an age of reluctent austerity & being in a business of which a significant element is in terminal decline, you can still;

Spend nothing yet value every moment … Make nothing & still feel rewarded … Be nothing yet still feel like something… Ask for nothing & still have it all… The best things in life are free, in a world that’s to blind to see…

A favourite song of mine, which I think beautifully portrays the feeling of summer as it breezes’ through our life each year is “Summer Wind” from Ole’ Blue Eyes, The Chairman of the Board…

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The Original Digital Rock-Star…

Steve Jobs [1955 - 2011]

I’m doing now what I do most mornings – writing on my Macbook, buzzing around on my i-phone, the news-streams are on my Mac Pro production computer – which from about 9:30am runs the most sophisticated music production software on the planet, its an environment I’ve created that fulfils both my personal, creative & commercial needs – But quite literally, without the “genius multi-tasking vision” of Steve Jobs & Apple, much of this would be a pipe-dream & the entertainment business would look very different indeed.

We didn’t know what we wanted but Steve did. Could you identify anything or anybody that blows even remotely close to the Jobs/Apple genius, if so where are they, & please stand up, because we’ve just lost Einstein…

In a world where the corporate CEO banking & business world earns little respect from the public, this man inspires the opposite in a way few will ever experience. His sales dwarf movies, music, TV et all, he is indeed the first “Digital Rock Star”… Proving it’s possible to have responsible, innovative, visionary business leaders without having slithered up the greasy corporate pole via the usual old bastards club…

I would hazard a guess that the majority of the protesters in Wall st. & beyond have organised themselves using an Apple device & would have no quarrel with Mr Jobs, lets face it he has busted most of the corporate norms & turned the entertainment business on its corrupt, fat head. Ironically while the like of Doug Morris were trying to fight the man’s vision [how stupid does this guy look now] Apple was powering the production of the music they were selling via Logic & their range of production computers G4-5 & Mac pro etc etc…

Classically Ironic – just like most rockstars, his fledgling efforts were conceived in a garage, bypassing the monotony of college or formal training… That’s Rock n Roll. A true leader & not a follower, who rejected the corporate crassness of cloning products & chasing trends, and in doing so created & inspired the “first generation of the digital age” – Taking the high end capability of Apple technology & making it accessible to all – Raising a specialist graphic product into a social linch-pin in less than a generation.

Where’s the competition ??? Currently no other technology company can even lick his boots, he may have been the greatest CEO ever but he’s also the Godfather of digital innovation & has defined the world’s relationship with technology as we move into an era that is dominated by the transformation technology demands.

Its the biggest company in the world, [yeah there's an oil company above it, but not by design] because in Apple’s case “we want their products”, whereas with oil it only fulfils needs & is terminally corrupt, inspiring nothing but conflict. So there’s a gorilla of a difference, principally – Because Steve Jobs MADE THINGS WE WANT – As the world apparently heads to hell in a handbag, Apple not only bucks the negative trend but denies the competition any room for complacency.

The fact that no other company can compete on any level with Apple product development & marketing illustrates just how far-back the others are running…

He won it all, he’s a “digital war-lord”, dominating the smart phone, tablet, music player, entertainment distribution & content production “markets” but to name a few – Oh, there’s also the tale of that little 7-billion dollar company called “Pixar”… For me that deal, which was way before the rock n roll of the i-phone era, shows the agility of Jobs business acumen… read more about Pixar – HERE

Currently siting on more liquidity than the US government, never needed a bailout, growth driven by sales not M&A… So why not make the Apple Model a blueprint for the Executive Branch of Government. Innovative, job creating, profitable, respected, loved… Imagine that in politics [no, forget it just to far fetched]… Truly – The skills of this man & the company he created, its ability to create jobs & real cash should be an inspiration & a lesson to ALL – Particularly to those good old boys’ [and the odd girl] who have fucked everything up royally !!!

Apple – Revolutionised the music business, I often wonder where the business could now be if those who ran it into the ground had instead ran with Mr Jobs 100%… Whether you liked it or not, Apple were leading the innovation & transition of my business from analogue to digital on hardware, software, music product, music production, distribution & retail. There’s not a credible studio I know that doesn’t run their recording & mixing systems on an Apple computer, its that simple – All Customised to install your preferences.

He’s the Da Vinci of his time, maybe the greatest inventor ever. And don’t forget App’s – An entire market & consumer format created from nothing but his vision, an overnight success, gained from constantly moving in the right direction, with an understanding of how you got there whilst knowing exactly where you’re going to next !!!

Steve Jobs changed my world, I spend more time with Steve than with any other, the overall effect Apple has on one’s creative capability is fundamental, in fact I’m now in the process of completely re-building my studio to accommodate the production needs of the independent digital artist [more in the next blog] … The alternatives would fracture my brilliantly organised, creative & resourceful Apple environment – I want to have my 4 screen world harmonised & also beautiful looking, and there’s only one choice for any of that – Apple. As Ive said previously by way of a metaphor – “There’s only One John Lennon”

The trends this man has set are now written in stone for generations, and I may not be the only one who believe’s his legacy is more fundamental than say Henry Ford or Edison, however I shall acquiesce to the notion that time will be a better judge of that than I.

No Smart Phones = No Revolutions….

Steve Jobs – RIP

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Satire Open With Care
February 13, 2011

Having spent the morning watching Ricky Gervais roast the self serving of Hollywood [or whatever you want to call the place], in case you already hadn’t, I though I would share a few of his laser sharp observations with y’all… The reaction to his banter was ridiculously over the top, from a media designed to null you into a moronic stereotypical outrage, the same type that has bailed out billionaires & allowed the likes of Messrs Bush, Blair, Brown to swagger of into the sunset, without a scintilla of remorse or accountability…

It is material such as this that free’s us from the polarisation of society by the politically correct elite as they deploy the weapons of their publicly elected office to essentially “line their own pockets”, generally from the misfortunes of those they are there to serve. One of the great ironies of our time – Western Democracy.

Oh my – How such irony is wasted on the stupid…

The definition: Satire / Sarcasm: witty language used to convey insults or scorn; The exposure of the vices or follies of an individual, a group, an institution, an idea, a society, etc., usually with a view to correcting or insulting it.

Let’s hear from Mr. Gervais… And if you want to see the actuals, just Google: Ricky Gervais 2011 Golden Globes, on Utube. [now the 2nd largest search engine in the world]

“Ive had a couple, I’m not gonna lie to you, now listen up… I like a drink as much as the next man, unless the next man is Mel Gibson”…

“I love this next presenter he’s so cool, he’s the star of Iornman, Two Girls & a Guy, Wonder-boys… sorry are these porn films… Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Bowfinger – really, Up the Academy – come on… he has done all those films, but many of you in this room probably know him best from such facilities as The Betty Ford Clinic & Los Angeles County jail, please welcome Robert Downey Jnr.”

“The next presenter is a true Hollywood Icon, in 10 of the biggest blockbusters of all time, he has shown his extraordinary acting versatility – He has played a boxer & Rambo, please welcome Sylvester Stallone.”

“Girls from Sex in the City, we know how old you are, I saw one of you in an episode of Bonanza”…

“Please welcome Ashton Kutcher’s dad – Bruce Willis”…

And the list goes on & on… They said he wouldn’t be getting the gig next year, but how ever offensive the brazen & artificially beautiful found this to be, ensured future mega ratings will once again see this unique comic genius present next years show… But here’s the point… If its okay for Hollywood to ripp the piss out of the lives of everyday folks working for example, in an office, then they should shut the f**k up when the barrels facing the other way…

In terms of wit & wisdom I recently discovered a little gem of a book, it was actually a gift to Mrs T. So I would like to share some of the profoundly adaptable quotes contained within. I’m sure you will be familiar with some of these & other’s are from more recent events, either way it demonstrates that the folly of man’s greed is nothing new, merely a re-run of the “same old scenes” as the light of our memories, fade from generation to generation.

Quotes taken from “Keep Calm & Carry On”… [stiff upper lip & all that]

I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people. Sir Issac Newton [1720] after losing a fortune in the South Sea Bubble

A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shinning but wants it back the minute it begins to rain. Mark Twain

Blessed are the young, because they shall inherit the national debt. Herbert Hoover

If economists were laid end to end they would not reach a conclusion. George Bernard Shaw

The safe way to double your money is to fold it twice and put it in your pocket. Frank Hubbard

We will never return to the old boom and bust. Gordon Brown, budget statement, 2007

He is like some sherry crazed old dogwager who has lost the family silver at roulette and who now decides to double up by betting the house as well. Boris Johnson on Gordon Brown

Behind every great fortune, is a great crime. Honore de Balzac

It’s almost like seeing a guy show at the soup kitchen in a high hat and tuxedo. It kind of makes you a little suspicious. Congressman Gary Ackerman after Chrysler, Ford & GM executives go to Washington to ask for 25-billion, in their private jets.

The only difference between a rut & a grave is their dimensions. Ellen Glasgow

He who thinks he is raising a mound, may only in reality reality be digging a pit. Ernest Bramah

Hell there are no rules here, we are trying to accomplish something. Thomas A Edison

You can fool all the people all the time if the advertising is right and the budget is big enough. Joseph E Levine

Let us all be happy and live within our means, even if we have to borrow the money to do so. Artemus Ward

Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship. Benjamin Franklin

I’m living so far beyond my income that we may almost be living apart. E E Cummings

For a greedy man even his tomb is to small. Proverb

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Winston Churchill

In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. Albert Camus

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. Winston Churchill

If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live. Lin Yutang

Happiness is no more than good health and a bad memory. Albert Schweitzer

A lifetime of happiness! No man could bear it: It would be hell on earth. George Bernard Shaw

You can make more friends in two months by by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you. Dale Carnegie

Don’t worry about the world coming to an end, its already tomorrow in Australia. Charles M Shultz

The robbed that smiles, steals something from the thief. Shakespeare

Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats. Voltaire

My life has been filled with terrible misfortune, most of which never happened. Michael de Montaigne

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again then quit, there’s no point being a dam fool about it. W C Fields

There is no trouble so great that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea. Bernard-Paul Heroux

And to conclude, I though I would rumble up a few myself, not that I have any historical significance, save the number 1 all time video on MTV. But its good to write or express yourself, particularly in a world that is chivying away at the greatest freedom of all – Speech…

12 – Andy Thought’s For The Day: [which I composed before I watched the footie]

If you are incompetent in business you will lose the house, if you are incompetent in politics you will gain one.

Hiring Tony Blair to promote Middle Eastern Peace is a kin to hiring Joseph Goebbels to edit the Beano [a famous UK children's comic book].

If the best things in life are free – Why is the welfare state bankrupting our children?

Globalisation is nothing new – The only thing that’s changed is there are more of us to rip-off.

Now that Obama has taken office my mortgage will be paid, because he will ensure we print enough money to do so.

By what means would one rate The Bank of England on its customer service?

If Gordon Brown were a barman he would have drunk all the profits, ate all the pies and fled North of the border with the hospice contributions.

The Federal Reserve is neither Federal nor does it have any reserves.

The nations sweetheart has decidedly sour taste. [America she's all yours now & Piers Morgan]

We tell our children that debt is the root of our evils, then demand of them to take a mortgage on their education.

As a society, we kept sticking it on the plastic, why are we so surprised that one day it all melted.

You can’t build a house with paper, but it sure as hell can buy you one.
http://thetaylortank.com/2011/02/13/sat ... with-care/

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Club G20 – Drinks are Free
October 14, 2011

Club G 20 – Drinks Are Free !!!

Its a little rich of the hapless Timothy Geithner to be lecturing Europe on their banking crisis, poor old chap, he seems to forget where it all began, well at least he speaks Chinese, then again the Chief Bag-Man for the US dollar needs to be capable of shooting the Cantonese shit…

“Yes Sir Mr Zhou Xiaochuan, I’m serious we want to borrow at least enough to stay at war - Yes Sir, Stay at War - You know we’ve got to nab all that Iranian oil next, so hear me out because its real simple my Special Cantonese Brother. We’ll do all the fighting, were good at it & the Brits will poodle alongside, still punching above their weight, Goddamn nutters, we love them & for sure Israel will be in head first, fuck they owe us Billions”.

“All you have to do my wealthy little friend is lend us the money, then its a Win, Win, Win baby. Millions of Barrels of Oil guaranteed & you even make a handsome profit on the War Loan, so even more interest for your People’s Bank, & hell, I don’t care what rate of interest you charge me, cause’ it not my money I’m spending”…

“But please Mr Zhou Xiaochuan you must understand, we can’t keep tapping those Rothschild dudes no more, they’re European, they ain’t got no squilla’, so cool bro’ you front the deal & we split the booty, also slappin’ the brakes on those fuckin Putin cronies, donning their macho leather clad bullshit, no style”.

“What a cunning plan you have there Timmy” you are the most genius of all 75 Treasury Secretary’s in the history of the union which is not really that unified these days…

“Yeah I am the only man with a forehead big enough for the job & The Big Boss in the White House ain’t so keen on those “old” Europeans, & look – They ain’t got the kind of money we need.”

“Bartender another round of whiskey’s for Mr Zhou Xiaochuan, of course it’s the whiskey talking man, I shouldn’t disclose such state secrets… And Hey, put your money away, I’m getting this round, in fact you have an open tab with me Sir - An Open Tab - And I hope you can reciprocate the same hospitality to the US Treasury… How much did you say we could borrow this time… Cool that’ll do nicely ???”

Imagine if you went into BOA for a Geithner loan;

Banker; “Good morning Sir & what is the nature of the business you require the loan for”

Timmy G [no relation to Kenny]; “Err, War, Rape & Pillage”… “No I mean – The Energy Business”

Banker; “Oh well in that case you better go to our Executive level, that’s all they do up there”

Anyway I’m British, & we have our own insolvent banking system to be rightly proud of, not forgetting that from 1997 to 2010 – pre & post any crisis, all of the political power was fundamentally in the hands of-2 politicians, Gordon Brown & Tony Blair. Blair even gave a knighthood to Sir Fred Goodwin ex Gang Boss of the RBS, that’s a kin to giving Charles Manson the keys to your daughters chastity.

The RBS has a balance sheet as of 31 dec 2010 of assets totalling $2,275,800,000,000 – it has a net value of $95,010,000,000 after stockholder equity [that's must be us folks]. All this providing you believe the appraisal of the assets are accurate, & considering the muppetts haven’t got anything right historically how can one be sure… It so close to the margins that it could be considered as creative accounting.

Therefore a 5% devaluation in their total asset value makes the RBS insolvent… What could some of those assets possibly be – maybe, Greek, Irish, Spanish & Italian debt…

The UK citizen [not the government] is guaranteeing the ailing fortunes of this & other banks, including [but not limited to], their own cash deposits to the tune of around $2,500,000,000,000 [2.5 Trillion usd] That’s on top of the National Debt of about $1.6 Trillion – The commitments include buying £76bn of shares in Royal Bank of Scotland and the Lloyds Banking Group; indemnifying the Bank of England against losses incurred in providing more than £275bn of liquidity support; guaranteeing up to £250bn of wholesale borrowing by banks to strengthen liquidity; providing £40bn of loans and other funding to Bradford & Bingley and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme; and insurance cover of over £280bn for bank assets.

The exact figure apparently will not be known for some years, well of course it won’t because we are in a crisis & nobody has a clue where or how it will end, so why bloody worry… Lets get Drunk, High & Spend Recklessly… Oh Shit, that’s what we’ve been doing for the past 10-years, well at least a good time was had by all, now prepare for the mother of all hang-overs.

Currently the banking systems of the US / UK / Europe / Japan – Don’t have enough in the coffers to lend you the bus fare to Blackpool for the day !!! And who are their customers. Principally countries that don’t have any money to pay them back unless they receive a bailout… But didn’t the banks already have a bailout in 2008-9 – YES – However the bailouts from 2008-9 were heavily invested [bad choice of words] in Sovereign debt, not private small business – The numbers banks invested in Government bonds are staggering, which is I guess the pivotal problem for the entire banking system today, & not just Europe – Hey Hoe, the banks have made real shitty investments again, well incredibly that’s what’s happened.

Fool me once shame on you – Fool me twice & I’m a fuckin idiot… At last thousands have woken up & are now embarking on the Financial Revolution, there’s no real democracy when the terms are dictated to the masses as a consequence of the reckless behaviour of a handful of knob-ends, represented by their political muppetts at the G20.

We all know who & where they are that’s why there is a protest on their front lawn – Wall St – And there’s a seething anger in the UK, France, Spain, Greece everywhere… Millions loose their jobs & homes, but only 1 inside trader goes to the health spa jail & he was from Sri Lanka…

The following breakdown is in Billions & Trillions [that's 9 & 12 zero's respectfully]… Accurate eyesight essential.

Greece owes over $370 Billion – Ireland owes $865 Billion . This is owed to mainly other European countries. Spain owes over a $1-Trillion – Italy owes well over $2 Trillion – Portugal about €500 Billion… This is owed mainly to Germany France & the UK, none of whom are in good shape – The UK in particular is not looking to good & banks across the continent are now going bust & have been downgraded, but not to worry folks, because they are going to get a bail-out, right – Right… But where do they get the money for the bailout from ??? Good Question !!!

Lets try here – France owes over $2 Trillion & its banks are in the shi**er’ – Germany owes about $2.5 Trillion its banks are also heavily exposed… So they can’t really afford to fund squat, maybe they could stretch to an Edith Piaf Tribute with an Umpah band as the opener. Mai Oui – I can here the 3/4 marching on Edith right now in my head… Anyway there’s no Eurobond market as of yet, to issue a Stable [ha ha] Euro Debt note, and watching the way the Euro-Zone operates it would take them years to get their act together & man, what a disaster waiting to happen another financial institution would be.

So broke European economies are going to lend further to even more broke European economies using money they don’t actually have & with little hope of getting it paid back… So where does the bailout money come from? I guess it can only be the Central Banks, but doesn’t the B.O.E. have government guarantees for providing liquidity & hasn’t it already printed £275 Billions … Therefore isn’t it also broke ???

Maybe Mr. Geithner has a point about Europe… And why are so many people dumping Euro’s for Dollars – Principally because the US economy is much stronger, that’s because its owned by China…

“Another round for Beijing Timmy old boy”… Better get out the good stuff this time !!!

Now in light of all of this – Try explaining to your kids the evils of Communism & the virtues of Capitalism or is this political & monetary harmonisation the perfect example of the free capital markets at their finest, well I very much doubt millions of disenfranchised & broke, jobless people would see it that way. In fact we’ve had a truly orderly transfer of political culture & power without us even realising, lets call it “fundamentally transitional” to fluff the perception up & hey, what fun were all gonna have now as – The Reds Have the Legal Right to be Under Your Bed’, well at least they are putting a roof over our heads.

Finally, here’s a suggestion for these discredited “leaders” as they gather to stage manage their Paper Thin Power Trippin’.

When you gather for the G20 con-flab over the next few days [funny how it's timed with impending doom]. If you really want to win back the publics trust & support then please bring your own sandwiches and drinks and indulge yourself in a shared lunch, it will do wonders as a bonding exercise the sharing of food, the intimate tales from around the globe, you may even experience normality for a short while – This, as opposed to another extravagant freebie on the back of a completely broke electorate who you should be so bloody lucky to represent. So You Useless Gitz – Get your act together and do what you are elected to do or for sure you will be next on the menu & real soon.

The question for the future is not what side of the argument you are on but more what side of the argument you’ve been on.

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(не совсем блог, в общем-то. это письмо на эл. почту от эндивского сайта)

Sometimes you just sit there and wonder what the hell is it all about !

Most of us need only the simplicity of connection or reconnection with friends & loved ones & that certain Sanctuary Xmas offers

For me the priority is Family - Food - Friends - Forgiveness …

A great party with 20 or so of your closest, fantastic food, wine, music, dance …

Yeah the kids need their stocking filled, or they will loot it for themselves…

I'm not sure which religion I could believe in, although it's nice to have a choice, thanks to all yee GOds !

Here's the link to the new Music & Blog site http://andytaylor.tv/

There's a 4-Track Taster Edit from the MOTHERLODE Album & a Snippet of my new Electronic Dance Version Of Planet Earth [ReU-Nite Version]

So rather than rattle on I hope you find the time to check it out, we've only just Gone Live - there's also Iphone & Ipad versions up & of course its a never-ending work in progress.

Ide also like to thank the team for all the things they do, which I can't & that's something I'm always eternally grateful for - great Collaborators & Contributors & Friends. [and no record label this time]

Henry - Gina - Ade - Kitty - Greenie - Mike - Jamie - Inma - Brian - Stevie & of course my beautiful family for allowing me to spend more time living with the astronaut's …

Big Shout-out To Jules & Katie, can't wait for the world to hear what we did. [hee hee]

And to everybody who has supported, believed & been there for so many years - I hope what's coming next year gives you as much pleasure as I get from making it all happen. Thanks for an incredible 30-years, yes it's been that long!!!

Okay, off down the pub to do a spot of Vampire Hunting [check the twitter later for details] http://twitter.com/andytaylor_tv

Very Happy Xmas

Peace & Love


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Its hard to imagine that where now stands anything BUT a Progressive, Trendy, Bohemian, Mavern of Creative Collusion, was in it’s day, the personification of such a concept. Possibly the most eclectic, exciting place in the UK since that heady day of Mersey-beat , a veritable cultural leap, that surpassed anything that the regurgitated Mankers of the 90′s could jangle, I’m talkin of course about Birmingham, England circa 1980…

If you survey the current landscape of Chained Pubs, Vodkas Bars & Corporate Bedding one could be excused for not getting the essence of the City’s almost lost but certainly legendary past. Where Clinton once scoffed on a pint, [of Ansells no doubt] – Was much the very centre of our Universe, the exact same same spot where we had the infamous “nights on the charlie” with various members of passing Rock & Pop bands, Exotic Dance Troops & countless Footballers, essentially whoever I wanted to party in my kitchen, you see I was the Chef so I has all the knives & keys…

There was of course only one commodity that was guaranteed to gain you access to the “special sink” – All brilliantly located as, directly outside the backdoor of said kitchen was the Old Canal [easy to dump the stash on any forthcoming raid]… Some how me thinks – Clinton would have preferred my kitchen party’s, we even had Cigars…

There was also a maze of hidden rooms thru’ the rear of the clubs dark recesses, which were shall we say, reserved for the most private of parties for-2. And of course there were several rooms where the local music scene incubated the city’s raw talent, such as the fledgling musical ambitions of one Nicholas James Bates & another Nigel John Taylor. My first encounter in this mirrored temple of freaks, was as a fresh faced lad of 19, where I bumped into these 3 guys, huddled at the entrance to the Club, embarrassingly trendy, make-up, dyed blonde hair, frilly shirts & space invaders freaks, no it was not DD – but Dik, Mulligan & Luke otherwise known as Fashion – I was intimidated.

Fuck me, I didn’t realise you had to dress up, it didn’t say that in the advert merely mentioned about being a guitarist, I can do any guitarist, studied them all 69-77, I know I can pass any audition, & had done it a number of times, but what the clothes deal? … So – Maybe the stylish bit in the add meant looking good & not playing that well. Anyway these guys infront of me look fcckin super cool & I really don’t, maybe more Abbott & Costello than Elvis Costello.

“I’m looking for Juran Juran” … “I’ve cum for the audition for the guitarist”, thinking of course that these guys were DD … “Oh you want to go that way & look for all the nice gear, ours is the crap stuff” …

Instant inner “Thank fcck”, they aren’t the the band I’m auditioning for”… But then a second wave of paranoia seared thru my Geordie head “Shit do they all dress like that in Birmingham, I quite like the make-up thing, but I never knew it was so gay down here” … My Northern machismo would later prove to be very misguided, never let looks deceive you – The girls were very delightful although the androgyny plus 10 Pils largers [them old beer goggles] & you may from time to time encounter the odd misplaced lump…

Anyway – I’ve written about that audition many times, & my many experiences with DD, however the “background story” of the times, the legend of Barbarellas & The Rumrunner, the significance of the scene & culture in Birmingham, has never been adequately accounted for or narrated from a perspective of “actually being there” … So when I read Luke James book, aligned with a “Mystical” reunion in another place, I knew there was still some magic in the air… And my memory recalled a more vivid picture than I’de had for 30-years.

Most significantly, you just can’t define culture in such a local manner these days, . Clubs have become these obnoxious “brands” – bollocks more like, brands eliminate progress, create culture for profit & are really nothing to do with street culture, clubs were the epiphany of street culture, elitist & exclusive, special, unique places that were driven by the perception of creating the impossible to become one of the “chosen” to access the ultimate experience, and if you couldn’t get in, just keep trying & they did week after week after week…

You simply couldn’t buy your way into the Rumrunner if you looked like a knob-head you wouldn’t get past Al or Paul… That’s why Paul Berrow was so disliked, because he was elitist & bloody good at it… Aye I will credit the man for having vision & actually doing something about it, and I have to say he never scared me at all, the brothers were never aggressive to any of us, anyway – I would hit back. Although I do recall that there were “background overtones” of club gangland shit, the US label thought they were “Club Bosses” when we first went states side, so maybe this helped or maybe, after all was said & done – It was all just One Big Cliche…

The tale will unfold & be retold, before we get to old & covered in mould… More deeply superficial insights to come & the lawyers can take a hike this time…

The picture above is from around Sept 1980 & is of me sitting on the table just outside the infamous kitchen door

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Direct To Fan: the fan perspective


I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t in love with a specific artist or band. Before I turned seven years old, it was Shaun Cassidy. Then along came Rick Springfield, and just after I turned ten, Duran Duran. Many would say I’ve never been the same since. My loyalty and faith in Duran Duran has lasted through members getting married, leaving the group, returning, leaving again, and thankfully, even my own maturity.

In 2005, I had the opportunity to work for a short time with a band opening for Duran Duran. Their name was Clear Static and they were a fairly young band, just starting out. Being on the “other side” of the sales receipts for a change gave me a chance to see the industry from a completely different perspective: “The Inside!” There were so many things that had changed from the 1980’s: things that I had taken completely for granted as a fan, and things that bands just assumed other people (i.e. The Label) would do for them.

For instance, promotion was now something that bands did for themselves. It shocked me to learn that if a band really wanted posters, photos, merchandise, press, or anything – the label didn’t help them. It was up to the band and their management to get the job done. Getting a label wasn’t the “hard work”; it was keeping the contract that proved ones staying power.

The concept of “album sales” is also very different today. Sales are by the single, not by the album, and if you want to make real money you’d better be thinking in terms a lot bigger than just selling some songs on iTunes. Finally, and most importantly, it’s not enough to do an interview and smile wide for the camera and call it done. These days, artists had best be ready to chat up their fans on a daily basis via Facebook, Twitter and anything else they can get their hands on. Put simply, it’s hard work. As Ian Rogers, CEO of Topspin once said, “This is not a world where you can simply record an excellent song and expect people will naturally discover and go crazy for it. This is not a build-it-and-they-will-come-world.”

Big labels produce mostly crap these days, leaving very few acts that are truly worthy on the Top 40 lists. Because these labels know one thing: how to market to the lowest common denominator. If you’re someone that has the right look, they can mold you into being anything they want. Throw loads of money at it along with some smoke and mirrors, and who needs talent? This might work for teenaged fans who are either unable or unwilling to read the fine print… but what about the rest of us?

For a long time now, fans have been whispering (and in my case, shouting) that it was time for bands to start recognizing, respecting and engaging the power of their fan base. I recently learned that this theory has a name: Direct to Fan. This model bypasses that of the major record label that historically controlled radio, venue, and distribution channels, and instead lets the artist and their close team create interest in their music by connecting directly with their fan base. Rather than just a fancy name for marketing, I see it as thumbing noses at the establishment and doing it your own way. It’s about artists developing a relationship directly with their fans that is meaningful and beneficial for both parties. And this is what fans have wanted for years.

Let me be fan-girlish for a moment: when I was a kid in my bedroom, walls papered with Duran Duran, never once did I actually consider that there would come a day that I would be able to tweet a message over the internet and have Andy Taylor (or John Taylor, or Simon Le Bon) respond. To actually talk to them rather than just scream something at them during a show? Are you kidding me? It’s a dream come true, and I know I’m not the only fan out there that sees the potential here. It’s not about kissing our posters goodnight these days; it’s about seeing what we can do to help the band or artist of our choice. It’s not just about sitting in the audience; it’s knowing that we have taken an active part in their success. It’s about ownership, and there is something very infectious and gratifying about that. It has finally all come down to the fans. You and I.

Back in my youth, my day began and ended by reading the pop magazines. You know the ones, Tiger Beat, Bop… and so many others, searching for Duran Duran articles, posters, and pin-ups. All of my knowledge came from those magazines. It never occurred to me that there was more to being a fan than obsessing over magazines, watching videos and television interviews, buying albums, going to concerts and calling in requests to the radio station. Actually meeting them and talking to them like a normal human being was not within range of any possibility.

Facebook and Twitter allow for real time conversation, and when labels and middlemen get in the way it reeks of insincerity. Artists who know this and are willing to put themselves out there are learning what makes their fans tick. They’re using that knowledge to put fans to “work” for them. They genuinely want to know what we’re thinking, how we’re feeling about the music and what we think can be done for them to reach more people.

It’s incredibly validating to be acknowledged as an actual person rather than just a giggling fan. We’ve spent years professing our undying love and devotion, but now we are older, wiser and in need of a more meaningful connection. Behind this superficial exterior, we want more. For those of us who have endured decades of fandom, the old one-way relationship is beginning to develop many different facets, allowing the light of our adoration to reflect back upon us.

The artists who understand and utilize the power of fandom are the ones who will succeed. Those that are slower to recognize this marketing potential (and I do know a few) are being left in the dust. There is a vestigial sanctity to the idea of keeping fans at arms length, listening to the label, bowing to investors. In fairness, I can understand that for some bands it must be difficult to realize that the same people they needed security to protect them from in 1984 are the same folks that they now must to reach out to for a lift up.

The name of the game is not just about accessibility. It’s about getting rid of the label crutch. It’s about innovation, talent, trust, hard work and a good deal of risk. The stakes are higher and the climb is steeper, but when artists honestly engage with their fans, they will be sharing their support, alongside for each step of that climb. The middleman is simply dead weight.

As Ian Rogers again so eloquently puts it, “At the end of the day there are only two important things in the music business: The artist and the fan.”

I’m glad to hear someone finally gets it.

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От кого: Andy Taylor <do-not-reply@topspinmedia.com>
Кому: 84dt@rambler.ru
Дата: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 03:59:57 -0800

Just to let you all know that from 4pm today [UK time] I will be LIVE ON TWITTER taking questions & I guess giving answers about whatever you choose to ask, & also a good time to have a proper catch-up about new releases, new album, remixes et all - no media filter, straight from the horses mouth so to speak

I will be here https://twitter.com/#!/andytaylor_tv from 4pm for quite a few hours, with official tea breaks ...

Hope to see you there !!!

Very Best,


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The Ting Tings: Andy Taylor Got It Right

on 29.02.12

The Ting Tings released their sophomore album this week, a stunner called Sounds From Nowhere. According to the Independent, “These 10 tracks are a masterclass in modern pop creation, pinballing from style to style without endangering their essential “TingTingness”. One moment they’re riding the itchy electro twitch of “One by One”, the next they’re in lilting folk-rock mode for “Day to Day”. On a completely different tack, the chimes and drum tattoo of “Hit Me Down Sonny” carry a deadpan rap like a skipping-song, while elsewhere “Soul Killing” relies on a creaking-chair effect as the subliminal cement binding its loping ska skank together. Indeed, Jules de Martino and Katie White have such wide-ranging musical taste, yet occupy none of the usual niche genres, that it’s surprising they ever found airplay.”

Sounds From Nowheresville has been four years in the making, after the duo chucked an entire album’s worth of material in the bin. Why? Their label heard it the in-progress material and declared it would be “fucking huge.” Singer Katie White told Digital Spy, “We were in Berlin where there is a great electro scene, and so we made songs like that, but quickly realised that everything on the radio was Euro-pop shite. We didn’t want our record to be tarnished with that brush.” Jules de Martino continued: “We scrapped six of the ten songs, which upset quite a few people. We put out ‘Hands’, which was meant to be an underground, white label-only release and it ended up being playlisted on Radio 1 – we were quite angry so erased over half the album.”

Suitably freaked out after pushing the delete button, Jules and Katie left the melting ice of Berlin and headed straight for sunny Murcia in southern Spain… and a short ferry ride from Sonic Vista Studios in Ibiza.

This rather fabulous (and fortunate) detour resulted in not only what will surely be one of the most killer pop albums of the year, but also one of the best remixes. The “Guggenheim (Andy Taylor ‘Got It Right’ Mix)” was first schemed up in Ibiza by Katie whilst pissed up in the back of a taxi, and The Independent calls it the most striking piece on the album, describing how the track evokes “a Shangri-Las-style spoken tale of teen jealousy – delivered with the naive, doll-like vacancy of Lana Del Rey – with an angry hip-hop refrain asserting the protagonist’s determination that “this time I’m gonna get it right, I’m gonna paint my face at the Guggenheim”. Quixotically imponderable, it carries just the right weight of spirited mystery: whatever our heroine means by it, it’s clear her emancipation is driven by her intellect, as much as her emotions. Which is often what it takes to make great pop music, too.”

Andy Taylor tells in his own words about the experience of how “Guggenheim” came to be:

I was in the kitchen at Sonic Vista Studios making an early morning cuppa. A few days earlier, there had been a call from a polite unassuming chap called “Snowy,” saying he worked for a UK band and they needed some rehearsal space… in Ibiza in November!

Henry Sarmiento (Studio Executive and Chief Engineer) runs a very tight-lipped establishment. Being the only “adult” studio on the island, we tend to avoid the idle bullshit. Besides, most people who travel to Ibiza prefer their shenanigans to stay in Ibiza… but I have to say that November is not one of those months. Ibiza is closed from the end of October, when although the summer weather continues, the energy returns to a more normal state. So whoever it was certainly wasn’t seeking a summer thrill from the ‘hang’ or the pills.

Another reason you may choose Ibiza to record or rehearse may be be that you want some space. Possibly a lot of space. Space from what? INTERFERENCE… Or maybe to just give yourself a moment of “self protection”. Have it out with yourself when there’s no-one else watching… “come on you bastard, what’s really going on here?”

So I’m brewing up and in walks the “very perky for this time of the morning” Jules de Martino. Bleach blonde on top, slightly seafaring beard and those trendy bloody pants I now feel to old to wear. A polite exchange of pleasantries and a sounding out chat ensues. You very quickly get how this comes to be one of only two people who make all that Ting Tings sound, a veritable hive of activity and a “seasoned charmer”.

Anyway, I’m looking for the hordes of road-crew and security, managers and make-up… how did they fit all those bods into one Mercedes splitter. But more to the point… where are they? In walks Snowy. “Good morning! When shall we unpack the van?” I’m thinking, “Don’t give me that look. I can’t even unpack my own suitcase.” I make a hasty escape back to my room. It’s raining, therefore going outside is cancelled. Even bed-hair can’t be exposed to the rain!

After a few hours, I can hear the sound of a band coming from Studio 2… the unmistakable, customary “BOOM BOOM” when a drummer sits at a kit and checks his kick drum (like it needs it). E-A-D-G-B-E… sounds like the guitar works! I poke my head around to check out the session and there’s still only three people, albeit now with the addition of Katie White. And it’s before lunch-time. Set-up, working, straight at it… NO moaning! A band that doesn’t moan!

This is the endearing thing about these guys: they are all for real, no safety net, no bloated entourage, no faceless songwriters or puppeteer management. It’s really all them, 100% their world. Of course they are naturally protective and tirelessly motivated. One cannot be anything other than seriously impressed with their grasp of what “self-responsibility” means in a business that is 98% bollocks these days. There’s always that small (maybe) 2% who get it right, shining the light where other can’t see.

I imagine (well, at least I hope) that they are a handful for the label because they have their own head, things to say, and they write their own shit and dispose of it on their own terms. Personally, I wouldn’t care to draw swords with Katie. She’s a killer in the coolest possible sense, will puke on your shoes sooner than look at you and is from Salford… ’nuff said. I read recently that Katie claims she mainly shouts and doesn’t really sing. Don’t believe it — she’s got some voice on her…

Everything about the Ting Tings is classic British Pop. Yeah, pop was once a clever word, driven by the idiosyncratic composition of mainly northerners and their choral musings. You don’t seek others approval… support, of course… but not approval. By doing your own thing and taking everyone with you, it becomes about character, not how fcckin’ pimped-out and bling you are. And of course originality — the belief in your own art, not to be forsaken for the money.

This is the essence of what being an artists is: to be one step ahead of whatever they have planned for you… society, life, the label… never being someone’s bitch.

It’s never an easy fit when you have to dovetail your “localised urban culture freak-show” (UK band) into the ultra-conservative thing that is referred to as the US music business, the dichotomy being that you achieve success with your unique take on music only (if you let the bastards) to be bullied into something else. Those who resist may die young, but they will leave a very good looking corpse. Alternatively (as seems to be the trend) you can become the CEO of your own entertainment company… perish the fcckin’ thought.

So the Ting Tings left me with a track to re-mix, add guitar, whatever… a delightful wee ditty which blew me away when they first played it for me. Apparently, radio won’t play anything with guitars on it, so there’s lots of extra guitar added. The drums are live and not rigged to a machine, so I made them even bigger (well, he’s a fcckin’ great drummer). Bass synth thats played by hand requires basic ability to play in time… Shock! Horror! They added a musician to the mix (take note DJs).

It’s truly fascinating that two people can make such a noise, and a compelling example to any young player who believes an instrument is something on the end of a USB lead. If you’re gonna be a believer, then believe in something real… not the “cloned out” music that is jammed up yer ass by the dodgy old media. Sadly, most people worship music that is enabled by the same technology that facilitates financial transactions. But when you fire up the right combination of people there is no — and will never be — a technology that can replace that.

The Ting Tings: their human touch is priceless, and if you wanna know how to “get it right,” then follow their journey. They may not stick to the flight plan, but you will boldly go where no Manc has gone before. I love them, truly cool people with vision, humour, humility and boatloads of TALENT and very long arms.

Wishing them well with every bit they get.