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Girl Panic! video: review and video-stills

November 9 | source harpersbazaar.co.uk | On November 7 a glittering, golden crowd of supermodels, musicians, designers, philanthropists, artists and even an Oscar-winning actress headed to Claridge’s last night for Bazaar’s Women of the Year Awards 2011.

A crowd of fans and photographers gathered outside the Ballroom of the world-famous hotel, eagerly awaiting a glimpse of the A-list guests’ arrivals – and they were not disappointed – the great and the good arrived in style in shiny Mercedes that sent the paps into a frenzy.

The 'supers' were collectively awarded Fashion Icons of the Year and were reunited by Harper's Bazaar for its December cover. The supermodels created a huge stir in the UK and U.S. fashion and online media when some behind-the-scenes images were leaked on the internet that same month.

Yasmin: “If you thought it was all sex, heels and rock’n’roll…

” Eva: “You’d be right!”

And as the crowd whooped with joy before descending out into the London night with their Estée Lauder and Net-a-porter goodie bags in hand, we believe what Yasmin Le Bon and Eva Herzigova told the crows is true: Yasmin: “If you thought it was all sex, heels and rock’n’roll…,” Eva: “You’d be right!”

Girl Panic! video review

The beautiful and ultrasponsored Girl Panic! video is finally out! It's more than a musical video clip, it's a project that involves different brands and names.

Duran Duran and their commercial partners with this operation have invented a new and clever visual product, an hybrid, something between a videoclip, a beautiful movie and a cool tv commercial. The result is fabulous thanks to the great skill of Ackerlund and his eye catching shooting that made of this video a piece of art, a stylish little film.

It's something you don't get tired of seeing because is so very pleasing to the eye, ironic and funny. We just love it and we really hope that a shorter version, with the entire song, will be soon available for music tv channels such as mtv and vh1. It would be great also a physical release with remixes and some radio airplay.

"The video is very tastefully shot, it's glamorous, colourful, it plays masterfully with colour and black&white, it's got a great rythm and it grabs your undivided attention for the whole 9:35 minutes"


Our correspondent Paula Blank has reviewed the video for us. Check it out!

From the very first few times I listened to the All You Need is Now album, Girl Panic stood out as a reminder of to the Duran Duran I fell in love with. It's fun, catchy, and it makes you want to dance. So I was really pleased that they had actually chosen it for a single and was really anticipating the video. But nothing prepared me for this.

Starting with the gorgeous art deco lettering, and hints to The Chauffeur video, Girl Panic! evolves to the here and now, with 5 stunningly beautiful women portraiting the guys doing interviews and recording a video in a lush hotel somewhere in London. In short, they are fabulous, they love music, and they know what they want. I cannot stress enough how amazing these women are in the roles they play, I was bedazzled.

No wonder they are the Super Models, they're not just posing and looking great, they turned into a pararel universe female sort of Duran Duran! I was especially impressed with Eva Herzigova playing her part as Nick Rhodes, but they are all fantastic.

Although there are some spicy bits, with lots of scanly clad girls kissing and prancing around [would it be a Duran Duran video if there weren't any?], an obvious reference to Girls on Film, the video is very tastefully shot, it's glamorous, colourful, it plays masterfully with colour and black&white, it's got a great rythm and it grabs your undivided attention for the whole 9:35 minutes.

The guys are seen interviewing their female counterpart, they appear in instant shots as a band, or playing a character. Simon bringing the champagne, Nick rolling in a luggage carrier with a very drunk Helena "Roger" Christensen sprawled over the Louis Vuitton bags, Roger as a bell boy being ravaged in the elevator, John as a driver. It's beautiful, fun and funny.

I've enjoyed it immensely and I'm sure you will too. Remember Simon saying they are the band to play when the bomb drops? 30 years on, the world is in a similar, if not worse mess, and Duran Duran are still giving you something to look forward to, they are still providing the escape. Gloriously so.

Like John Taylor said, "It’s all daft stuff, but it’s fantastic daft stuff". Speaking of John, his character reminded me of a line from just as daft and fantastic a song as Girl Panic!: "Baby you can drive my car!" Girl Panic is out now - go see it!